Nature conservation activities

The NABU-Crane Centre is coordinating conservation measures German wide, like:

  1. restoration of drained breeding sites and in special cases, their supervision by watchmen
  2. consultation with environmental administrations if interventions into the nature and landscape are planned
  3. extra feeding site to reduce conflicts between cranes and agriculture in the main staging areas
  4. installation and maintenance of information boards in staging areas
  5. visitor guiding in staging areas with special observation sites and visitor platforms
  6. organisation and realisation of annual national crane meetings
  7. Network including mailing list for large crane migration events in Germany, e.g. for windfarm operators
© Dr. Günter Nowald
Research activities

The NABU-Crane Centre conduct own scientific work as well as collect and analyse scientific data on cranes.

  1. monitoring of breeding cranes in Germany (development of the breeding population, breeding distribution)
  2. monitoring numbers of staging cranes during spring and autumn migration in Germany
  3. colormarking and tagging of individual cranes in collaboration with crane conservationists throughout Europe to study crane biology and migratory behaviour
  4. investigations on the following topics: the influence of disturbances, food and habitat choice, breeding biology, migratory behaviour
  5. installation and maintenance of a scientific library with crane literature
© Anne Kettner
Environmental education

The NABU-Crane Centre offers several environmental education activities, like:

  1. crane excursions in the region of the „Darß-Zingst bodden chain and island Rügen“ for young and older people
  2. visits of school classes from the region in the NABU-Crane Centre, like classes from “Crane” primary school Altenpleen
  3. activities for kids and teenager at the NABU-Crane Centre
  4. multimedia presentations about cranes with main focus on the region of the „Darß-Zingst bodden chain and island Rügen“
  5. visitor service at the NABU-Crane Centre Groß Mohrdorf and at our crane observation station KRANORAMA near lake Günz
© Dr. Günter Nowald
© Crane Conservation Germany 2017-2019

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