Photo hides
You want to come to the cranes very close?

You can rent a photo hide, where you are invisible for the cranes!

Since 2004, such hides are provided during the main resting periods in spring and autumn near Lake Günz, about 4 km to the Southwest of our NABU-Crane Centre.

Altogether four photo hides are placed at the extra feeding site for cranes. As our rangers regularly work to prevent any disturbance for the resting cranes, you can expect a good number of cranes at this site during the main seasons. Nevertheless, no guarantee for the presence of cranes can be given.

The hides can be rented from 15th - 31st March, at the last week of September and from 1st - 31st October.

© Dr. Günter Nowald
Make a gift: one day with the cranes

You are looking for a very special gift for a nature photographer in your family or your friends? What about a gift coupon for a photo hide to observe cranes (95.00 €)!

Ordering is possible by post, email, fax, phone or in our Online-Shop.

Booking of the photo hides
You can book the photo hides at the NABU-Crane Centre.
Booking periods:
Spring resting – from 15th September of the previous year
Autumn resting – from 15th January of the respective year

The price for 1 person per hide and day is 95 €

The revenues from the photo hides are used to run the extra feeding site for crane near Lake Günz.
© Dr. Günter Nowald
Terms and conditions of using the photo hides

What to consider when using a photo hide?

  1. The utilization of the photo hide takes place at the user’s own risk.

  2. The photo hide should be entered in the morning before sun rise and must not be left until the cranes have returned to their roosts, which usually lasts until sun set. To step outside the photo hide during the day requires the explicit approval of the NABU-Crane Centre – please therefore give us a call: +49-38323-80540.

  3. Please avoid showing yourself too close to the open window, because your skin will reflect light. Do not stick out parts of your body, clothes, other utensils or lenses beyond 5 cm from the window frame. Always remember to move slowly.

  4. Photo equipment outside of the photo hide is strictly forbidden (e.g. camouflaged photo camera with remote trigger set)

  5. Please open only one window at a time, to avoid alarming the cranes. Should you wish to take pictures from another window, make sure to close the open window first, before opening another one. Please move carefully and avoid jerky opening and closing movements of the windows.

  6. You are not allowed to operate noisy sound carriers and avoid loud conversations. Please avoid any noise such as chair replacement, clattering due to falling items, coughing and sneezing, etc.

  7. For your own safety, it is prohibited to use any sources of heat or to start a fire.

  8. Please use the bucket provided to answer nature’s call or bring along a urine bottle. The disposal should be performed by yourself when leaving the photo hide (see number 1).

  9. Please take care of slippery surfaces in the hide.

  10. Please leave the photo hide in a good condition, take the disposal with you and sweep out the floor of the photo hide with the broom provided. Close window and door and return the key to the NABU-Crane Centre until 12 o’clock the next morning.

  11. Incidents of damage of the photo hide must be reported to us immediately upon return of the key, thus subsequent users will find the hides in good working order.

  12. In the case of malicious and willful damage to the photo hide the user shall bear the costs for the recovery of the original condition.

Unfortunately, we have had bad experiences with some photographers time and again (see point 4 and the following photo). Therefore we are charging a fee of 500 € when the behavior rules are not followed. This is necessary to offset the higher feeding effort. With signing the contract the hirer of the photo hide agrees to these terms and conditions. Additionally, each photographer, that causes disturbances of cranes by violating the conditions mentioned above, will be permanently excluded from using the photo hides. The same applies for a hirer, who causes damage to the hides.

Please consider before booking a photo hide if you are able to spend a full day in the little hide regarding your health and body constitution (e.g. claustrophobia, diabetes, gastro-intestinal diseases). Usually you cannot leave the hide during daytime (see point 2 and 3).

© Frans Hoogland
© Crane Conservation Germany 2017-2019

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