Wild birds must remain wild

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It happens every year again, in particular in the months of April to June, that very young crane chicks are taken by humans from their natural habitat. In this spring more chicks than usual were removed. Probably due to the corona lockdown more people spent their time in nature.

People often think the chicks are in danger, but they are not, even though they are shortly left alone by the adult birds. The problem: If crane chicks are separated from the adult birds at an early stage in their life, they will – despite best care – be erroneously imprinted by humans and can never be released in freedom again.

Since many years Beate Blahy and her husband Eberhardt Henne bring up crane chicks that were removed by other people from nature. Just this year they take care for three birds (see picture). A full-time job and often not a nice one. Only four out of meanwhile seven raised cranes joined their wild relatives up to now.

So please avoid wetlands in spring and early summer – in particular, if you know that breeding cranes are in the surroundings. In case you see a chick, it is absolutely necessary to leave the area immediately. The adult birds are often in direct vicinity, but will not return to their cheeping offspring due to your presence.

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