The first new generation

Here they are, the first crane chicks! No sooner have they struggled out of the egg after hours of hard work and rested a bit, than their curiosity about their surroundings grows. The two adult birds stand enticingly in the water, waiting for the first exploratory excursion with their little offspring to begin.

Crane nesting sites are often inaccessible and very hidden in the middle of swamp forests, marshes or bogs. Nest cameras are therefore a great way to follow the breeding activity without disturbing it in any way. This photo was also taken in this way.

Avoiding disturbances at the breeding site, for example by forestry activities, is a main focus of the work of Crane Protection Germany. In elaborate field work we check potential breeding sites and pass on the information to the responsible authorities and forestry offices so that protective measures can be taken (e.g. eyrie protection zones).

In order to help the little cranes grow up in this way, we depend on your financial support. For example, you can now sponsor a breeding site and receive exclusive photos from the nest camera. Or you can become a sponsor of Kranichschutz Deutschland and contribute to our work with your annual donation. Interested? Then have a look here:

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