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The numbers at the resting places in Sweden are rising and rising. And the joy of their people about the return of the spring messengers to their country is great! Since time immemorial, they have been celebrating the big gray birds that, after long months of darkness, now herald the light and spring. Today was also the time at Pulken in southern Sweden: the official crane festival was celebrated!

After the cranes have left the region of the Darß-Zingster-Boddenkette and Rügen to the north and flown over the Baltic Sea, thousands of them rest here in eastern Skåne in southern Sweden for the first time. Their destination is the area south of Kristianstad: In the nature reserve "Pulken-Yngsjö" about 8200 cranes were resting on 26.03..

As at the Günzer Seewiesen, feed is scattered on a large field here to keep possible damage to newly sown fields as low as possible. The cranes find roosting places in the immediate vicinity, which is characterized by many wetlands. Not for nothing is the region called "Kristianstad's water kingdom".

The number of cranes at Lake Hornborga, the most important and largest crane roosting site in Sweden, has also increased significantly in recent days (26.03.: 11,600). The peak of the resting is expected there in the first days of April. Right on time some of our colleagues will be on site and report live.

You can find the latest resting figures here: Stop-over information - Europe


Do you want to be there live? Then use one of the webcams of our Swedish colleagues:

Cranes in Pulken

Cranes at Lake Hornborga


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