Landscape management at the lake Günz

© Dr. G. Nowald

The area around the KRANORAMA is mostly national natural heritage site and was transferred to the Crane Conservation Germany in 2015. The aim is to increase the biodiversity and recreate natural habitats. Therefore, only extensive management of the grassland is allowed which includes late mowing to protect ground breeding birds.

However, this year we had additional management plans. During the last years reed grew constantly in the drainage ditches. Therefore open waterbodies are lacking in the area which is required by many amphibians or insects like dragonflies. To create such slow flowing or standing small water bodies, several sections of the drainage ditches were mowed. Additionally, in some areas we deepened the ditch and flattened its banks. Besides frogs and dragonflies, cranes will benefit as well. The open waterbodies and flattened banks increase the accessibility of cranes for water to drink or to preen their plumage.

The excavation soil was filled into the ditches to decrease their drainage. The aim is to maintain the water for a longer time in this area. These measures are especially important if the following years are similar dry like this year.

We are eager to see the impacts of our measures for the water balance and the biodiversity at the lake Günz. Of course, we will keep you updated…

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