22 hours of continuous flight!

1014 km of migration in a little more than a day, 879 of them non-stop in 22 hours! What an achievement for a young crane! Kenneth, our transmittered crane from the previous year, surprised us with his retreat.

From the cereal growing area of Ejea de los caballeros north of Saragossa in Spain, he flew more than 1000 km to Chesne on the French-Belgian border in only 29 hours - and flew all night. The blue section on the map shows which leg he covered at night, the red line shows the flight route during the day.

But he had to take a short break on the long flight: he rested for 3 hours in Arcis-sur-Aube in northeastern France. Where he will spend the summer and if he will return to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern? We are curious and will keep you informed.

The GPS transmission makes it possible to further investigate the life of our cranes. As in this example, the data provide information about the distances they travel, where they rest and where their wintering grounds are located.

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