Habitat restored

Finally, the smal dry wetland within the field just next to the KRANORAMA car parking place is restored! Now a habitat for dragonflies, amphibians and many other living creatures is created.

One year ago another dry wetland was restored on the meadows of Crane Conservation Germany (CCG) at the lake Günz. The construction work at this wetland could not start at that time, because the land was just partly owned by CCG. Few month ago, an agreement between NABU and the current owner was made, so that the restoration could start.

WWF Germany organized and financed the restoration within the project Vernetzte Vielfalt an der Schatzküste, which is funded by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation within the federal programme Biological Diversity. We would like to thank all the involved parties for the great cooperation. Together we created a new home for many species!!

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