Climate protection = crane protection

Two days before the German parliament elections 620.000 people demonstrated in 471 different locations for effective climate protection. What a strong sign! Acting instead of talking, that’s the motto for the next four years of climate policy!

The team of the NABU-Crane Centre unfortunately could not actively participate due to the activities around the week of the crane and the 25th anniversary of the Crane Centre. Despite that we still set an example for climate protection in front of our doors, because climate protection is crane protection!

Many people are afraid of the costs of climate protection. Fair enough! But do we want to put up with the disappearance of cranes and other wetland-residents? Do we want to risk many humans losing their homes or even their lives because of natural disasters? If we act now and invest a bit in climate protection, we could save a lot of resources in the long run to “repair” the consequences of climate change.

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