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Presentations in the Crane Information Centre
Not only during the main staging periods in spring and autumn, cranes could be observed in the area of the „West Pomeranian Coast“. With some of luck you can discover a flock of non-breeders during the summer months, which consists of immature, non-breeding birds.
This is a reason for us to inform local people and guests about the birds of luck with a series of oral presentations at the NABU-Crane Centre and at the nature camp "Zu den zwei Birken" Duvendiek, both during the main staging periods and in summer.
“Crane worlds - A journey with the birds of luck throughout Europe“
Nature camp "Zu den zwei Birken" Duvendiek
16. September 2020 - 08:00 p.m.

Experience the mysterious world of the cranes on their western migratory flyway together with the expert Dr. Günter Nowald. Cranes are one of the fascinating birds worldwide. Because of their graceful and mysterious dances, their trumpet like calls, their lifelong partnership, beauty and size people have developed a special relationship to these unique birds. This is reflected in the mythology, poems, legends and stories in a lot of cultures.

We start the journey from the traditional wintering area in the rough and original Extremadura in southwestern Spain and fly together with the birds of luck up to Sweden. You are hearty welcome.

© Dr. Günter Nowald
“The life of the cranes“
NABU-Crane Centre
11. August 2020 – 07:00 p.m.
Nature camp "Zu den zwei Birken" Duvendiek
14. October 2020 - 08:00 p.m.

Previously a crane ranger, but now scientific staff at the Crane Information Centre, Anne Kettner again and again meets with the cranes. During her slide show, she wants to guide the audience throughout the life of the cranes. She is telling a story how a fluffy small crane chick is changing into one of the largest native birds and what the challenges are, they have to cope with.

During her multimedia excursion she is travelling from the spring and autumn staging areas along the West Pomeranian coast up to the wintering areas in Europe. You are welcome to participate in that pictorial journey throughout the life of these majestic migratory birds.

© Knut Fischer
"On the tracks of the crane“
Nature Camp "Zu den zwei Birken" Duvendiek
27. September 2020 - 08:00 p.m.


Again and again these large grey birds draw our attention. Their strong calls let us take a rest and focus our view towards the sky.

In his picture-show, Karsten Peter would like to steep with you into the life of the cranes. Large flocks, intraspecific fights and courtship dances are typical scenes during the main staging staging periods of cranes. But quite secretly is the view into the breeding areas of cranes.


From time to time Karsten Peter interrupts his slide show about the crane year with some special poems and legends to guide you into the mythical world of the graceful birds.

© Karsten Peter
© Crane Conservation Germany 2017-2019

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