Crane staging areas in Germany
Darß-Zingst-Bodden chain and island Rügen

The region of the national park „Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft“ is one of the most important staging sites for cranes in Central Europe. The cranes spend the night within the national park at roost sites in shallow waters of the Bodden chain and on some bird islands, but feed during daytime on agricultural fields outside the park to refuel their energy reserves. Here the birds prefer to feed on cereal and maize stubble fields, but also use newly sown fields and some extra feeding sites to some extent.

Interested visitors can find several observation places to observe cranes in the region of the Darß-Zingst Bodden chain and island Rügen. Daily news about good observation spots and the majestic cranes you can get at the NABU-Crane Centre in Groß Mohrdorf. From here also several organized excursions start during autumn, but due to the large public interest an early booking is required.

Diepholzer Moorniederung

The Diepholzer Moorniederung recently developed into a very important staging area in Lower Saxony. The region is characterized by several restored peatlands, which are surrounded by agricultural field with dominance of maize stubble fields in autumn and winter time. During mild winters, several thousand cranes try to overwinter.


The Rhin- und Havelluch (with biggest concentrations near Linum and Nauen) is the most important staging site for cranes in Germany. The region is mainly used by cranes of east European origin (Poland, Baltic States, and Finland). Here you can find additional Information about this region.

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