Colormarked cranes

Ringing projects are only successful with the help and reports of many ring readers and observers. The ring observations in colormarked cranes always start from the ring on top and then downwards. On the left leg you find the country code, while on the right leg the crane is marked individually. Codes on left and right leg consist of three single rings each, although you will never find two rings with the same color on top of each other on the right leg. Possible ring colors are white (=W or 1), yellow (=Y or 2), red (=R or 3), blue (=Bu or 4), green (=G or 5), black (=Bk or 6) and brown (=Br or 7).

Please send your observations via snailmail to the NABU-Crane Centre, per email to ring(at) or you can use our online reporting system iCORA. Here you can easily register as a new observer, can report your observation and get immediately access to the life histories of your birds.

If you observe a colormarked crane, please collect as much information as possible like date, time and exact place, age (adult, immature, juvenile) flock size, habitat use, behaviour, position of the metal ring from ringing centres, social status (juvenile with parents and sibling, not paired, paired, with juveniles,…).

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