The KRANORAMA will close its doors on 27th  of October. We are looking forward to see you again at our observation platform in spring 2023!

Feel free to use the outdoor area around the KRANORAMA and our smaller observation platform close to Lake Günz at the street between Buschenhagen and Günz. It will open again in November and provides a great view over the lake and its wetlands and meadows around. Even in the winter time it is worth a visit: Have a look at winter guests like different kinds of geese, ducks and swans (whooping swans as well). Please move slowly and choose muted colours for your clothing so that the birdlife does not feel disturbed.

Here you can find out how many cranes have used the feeding site at the KRANORAMA during autumnal resting 2022.



© Dr. Günter Nowald

The KRANORAMA is a barrier-free Crane Observation platform near Lake Günz. It was opened to the public on the 15th of October 2015. The KRANORAMA is a replacement of the old observation platform, which became too small and crowded. Audiovisual media and live-transmission on a flat screen makes the KRANORAMA to a modern visitor platform.

Even the path from the parking area to the platform is a great adventure, as many interesting information boards and seat benches can be found there. Visitors therefore can move like a crane step by step from the parking area to the KRANORAMA.

© Dr. Günter Nowald

The KRANORAMA was established within the framework of the cooperation “Schatz an der Küste”. This project is financially supported by the federal agency for nature conservation with money from the federal ministry of environment within the federal program on Biological Diversity.

The observation platform is located near Lake Günz along the road L213 in northern part of West Pomerania.

From the observation platform you have a view on the Günzer Seewiesen. This area is part of a large Special Protection area of the European bird’s directive, but is also a national natural heritage site, managed for nature conservation purposes by Crane Conservation Germany.

Opening hours and other hints

A visit at the KRANORAMA observation platform is only possible during the crane resting in spring and autumn.

In March: daily between 10 am - 4 pm

In September & October: daily between 8 am - 6 pm

Actual opening hours can be found at our website, at the NABU-Crane Centre or at our facebook site (

For families and individual people the visit is free. Guided groups with more than 8 persons (incl. guide) pay 2€ each person. Ambitious nature photographers (tripod, zoom lenses of 300 mm and more) support the extra feeding with 5 € per visit in the KRANORAMA (March, September, October)

Please follow the instructions of the crane rangers.

© Crane Conservation Germany 2017-2019

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